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Iwai Co., Ltd.

​Toys & Novelty Goods since 1943

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SINCE 1943

​Honest and Well-Experienced

Iwai has been producing toys and novelty goods since 1943. We have delivered our products around the world since the 1940's. We produce safe and quality toys with honest effort and long experience.


​Retro and Beyond...

Young Forever

We never stop but never forget young and fresh spirit of childhood. We always do our best to produce innovative products for children and those who with a little child in the heart.

Our Specialities

Well-experienced & High Quality


Plastic Dolls

Made of safe materials tested and approved for toy safety regulation. We have been producing quality dolls for more than 60 years. More new innovative products are coming soon.

Stuffed Toys

We have long experience of stuffed toys.  Teddies, rabbits and other lovely animals are our specialities.  Innovative new products are also coming to the market soon. 

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About us

Toys and novelty goods since 1943

  • Established: 26 June 1943

  • 1940's - 50's: Export celluloid toys to US and other global markets

  • Mid 50's- 60's: Set up a factory in Korea / Export original plastic dolls to US and others


  • Japan Plastic Toys Manufacturers' Co-operative Association 

  • The Japan Toy Association

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​Company Information

​Iwai Co., Ltd.

3-8-17 Yotsugi Katsushika-ku

Tokyo 124-0011 JAPAN

Tel: +81 3-3693-1143

Fax: +81 3-3693-1453

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